Privacy Fence Installation Orange County

Wooden Privacy Fence built in Orange County, CaliforniaWhen you need quality privacy fence installation in your Orange County home, look no further than the Orange County Fencing Pro. We have been a trusted name in Orange County for years. Customers trust us because of our long-standing history, great customer service, unbelievable pricing and quality privacy fence installation.

Homes in Orange County are unique.  Let’s face it, you’re unique!  You need a fence that show’s off your personality and adds character to your home!  We have many styles, designs, colors and stains to completely renew the look of your home.

Had you ever stopped to think that a privacy fence is like a picture frame around the portrait of your home?  Your home, no doubt, is the center of attention when people drive by. But, does your fence add to, or detract from the beauty of your home?  When people see your home, they should see a privacy fence that accents, adds beauty and class to your home.

This is why the Orange County Fencing Pro is the #1 name to choose in all of Orange County for your privacy fence installation. We will have your home looking top notch, and the talk of your neighborhood!

Wood Privacy Fencing

When it comes to privacy fences, wood is the most common choice for homeowners.  This is not only because it is more affordable than other materials, but also because there are many ways to create your own look for fencing. When it comes to wood privacy fences, you need to know about the types of materials available. The good thing is the actual cost of fences made from the different types of wood is negligible. It essentially boils down to the look you desire for your Orange County privacy fence.

Redwood Privacy Fence Installation

Redwood is probably the most common choice for privacy fencing installation around Orange County.  Redwood is often cut with a rough, rugged look and gives you that mountain-lodge look for your fence.  Most commonly, people choose the 5.5″ redwood pickets.  The wide nature of the redwood pickets allow you to create an array of looks.  You can choose the good-neighbor privacy fence, the standard redwood privacy fence or go modern! One of our growing popular fence stylings is the horizontal redwood privacy fence.  In any case, you should plan to stain your redwood privacy fence within a few weeks.  You’ll want the wood to be sufficiently dried out to accept the stain and seal properly to protect your new Orange County privacy fence from water damage.  Many people wonder why their fence becomes dingy and gray.  That is essentially the weathering of water, sun, water, sun over and over.  it speeds up the decaying process of the redwood and creating that dingy, old look.  You can spruce up your redwood by pressure-washing it and then staining/sealing it.  Staining and sealing your redwood privacy fence is the best way to protect your new Orange County privacy fencing installation for years to come! Another choice for redwood privacy fence is to stagger your pickets with 5.5″ and 3″ pickets.  You can come up with your own custom pattern for staggering these different widths!  Get creative with your new privacy fence installation in Orange County!  The other great thing about redwood privacy fence is that it naturally stands up to pests. Yes! Most bugs want to have nothing to do with redwood.  So, having nature on your side, will help keep your new Orange County privacy fence bug free!

Pressure Treated Pine Privacy Fence Installation

The other most common choice for privacy fence installation in the Orange County area is pressure treated pine.  The biggest difference in this and the standard redwood fence is its finish.  Pressure treated pine privacy fencing has a smooth finished look that you won’t get with your rough-cut redwood privacy fence. These also come in two standard picket widths of 5.5″ and 3″. Pressure treated pine essentially takes raw pine wood and submits it to extremely high pressures while submersed in a copper solution.  This forces the copper solution into the fibers of the pinewood.  This copper solution helps it last in the weather longer and also helps it repel bugs. So, pressure treated pine privacy fencing will last a lot longer than just natural pinewood will.  IF you want a high-quality, smooth finish look on your privacy fence installation in Orange County, then you’ll want to choose pressure treated pine for your wood!  As mentioned earlier, the cost is nearly the same, tho sometimes slightly less for the pressure treated pine.

Privacy Fence Contractor Orange County

Your home deserves quality.

Your wallet deserves affordability.

You deserve excellent customer service.

This is why the people of Orange County trust the Orange County Fencing Pro for all their privacy fence installation needs.  Having been a fence builder in Orange County for over 20 years, we mill our own wood at our warehouse and cut it to the exact needs of our customers.  This allows us to reduce waste, and make our entire process more efficient – which only helps you our Orange County privacy fence customer!

The Orange County Fencing Pro will help you find the fence that best suits your needs, no matter your main reason for getting that new fence.  In the end, we know you want to be happy with the choice you made for your new Orange County privacy fence, and that’s why we want to earn your respect, first and foremost.

Privacy Fence Installation Irvine, CA

Irvine, is located in the heart of Orange County.  You can drive throughout Irvine, California and see the handiwork of the Orange County Fencing Pro. We are your leading privacy fence installer in Irvine, CA.  Irvine is well known for many things, and we are well known for our privacy fence installation in Irvine.  If you’ve read this far, then you know all of the different styles and materials we offer for privacy fence installation in Orange County.  And, it goes without saying that since Irvine is located in Orange County, we will treat our Irvine customers the exact same. Give us a call today.  We offer free quotes on our privacy fence installation in Irvine and beyond.  To sum it up, call the fence contractor your can trust in Orange County – we are the Orange County Fencing Pro.  We’re proud of our work, but we’re even more proud of our customers.