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Redwood Board on Board Fence

When you live in Newport Beach, CA you deserve the best fencing money can buy.  That’s why you should trust the Orange County Fencing Pro for all your fence installation and fence building needs. There is no better trusted fence company in Newport Beach and the surrounding Orange County area. The Orange County Fencing Pro offers the highest in customer satisfaction and affordable pricing. There is no better team to trust your fencing needs with. Why should you trust us?  We have built a reputation in the Newport Beach, California area for being a the best fence contractor in Orange County.  We are a trusted fence installation contractor serving our customers by using the highest quality materials – some are milled in-house!  What can you expect when you choose the Orange County Fencing Pro?

A Reliable Fence Company

When you call the Orange County Fencing Pro, you will speak directly to one of our team members.  They will find out a little more information about your project needs, including your address, name and phone number that’s best to reach you.  They’ll schedule a time for and Orange County Fencing Pro estimator to come to your home or business in Irvine and offer you a free quote for any of our fencing services. You will receive high-class, customer-centered service determined to offer you the fencing product you need.  We’ll work with you and your budget to determine is possible for your fence installation.  So, if I choose the Orange County Fencing Pro, what kind of fencing can I expect to get?

Newport Beach Wood Fencing

The Orange County Fencing Pro brings uses the highest quality of redwood fencing materials to produce custom ordered fencing that fit exactly what you need for your home or business in Newport Beach, CA. The Orange County Fencing Pro mills our own wood pickets in our facilities to create the best tongue-in-groove fit, or board on board overlap look you desire.  We can complete nearly any style you desire. And if you’re not sure what kind of look you want for your wood fence installation, then we can show you pictures of some of the projects we’ve completed previously to get a better idea.  Another option – just search the web for wood fencing designs, and show us exactly what you’re looking for.  Our years of expertise will help us to be able to replicate the type of wood fence you want in Anaheim.  When you need a privacy fence company in Newport Beach, California – trust us, the Orange County Fencing Pro.  We offer free quotes on all our wood fencing installations and would be honored if you would give us the chance to prove our fence building prowess to you!

Newport Beach Aluminum Fencing

Iron fencing is a popular choice for homes and businesses in Newport Beach, CA. Aluminum fencing brings and elegance and class to a structure like nothing else. The thing is so many different types of fences get classified as iron fence. The true wrought iron fence is ridiculously strong, and used not only to add beauty but also a strength like almost nothing else. Aluminum fencing is commonly used when security is a must without wanting to detract from the beauty of a building. Wrought iron fencing has a very classy look.

Also in the family of aluminum fencing is the commercial steel fence. As its name implies steel fencing is made of solid steel and, when compared to wrought iron fence, it is just as strong.  Commercial Steel fencing is often not as fancy or ornate. And while steel costs are high, it still is not as expensive as true wrought iron fence.

When you want the look of aluminum fencing, but just cannot afford the price tag, many people choose aluminum fencing. Aluminum fence is a perfect choice for your Irvine home, because it is much more affordable, but with the numerous options for styles you can choose from, you can find nearly anything that will enhance the look of your Newport Beach, CA home. The Orange County Fencing Pro will help determine which kind of aluminum fencing is right for your home and will give you the best quote possible.

No matter which type of aluminum you choose for your Irvine home or business, the Orange County Fencing Pro will work with you to add unmatched beauty to your home or business in Newport Beach, California. This is what makes us a trusted fencing contractor in the Orange County area: high quality, unmatched service, affordable pricing.

Newport Beach Vinyl Fencing

As a trusted fence contractor in Newport Beach, you have to be able to offer numerous types of fencing products. Irvine is an eclectic area, and we want you to have the fence the suits your home or business best. Vinyl fencing is a great way to add beauty to your home and create a fence that will last a life time, all with the ability to keep it looking clean! Today, vinyl fences come in a number of styles and colors.  The basic options are choosing a vinyl picket fence or a vinyl panel privacy fence.  From there, you can custom build the fence you desire.  If you need a picket fence to enclose your front yard, you might as well do it in style.  Fence Companies across the Orange County area offer vinyl fences, but we are pretty sure that once you get your vinyl fence quote from the Orange County Fencing Pro, you won’t choose another fence company in Newport Beach – because you’ll be choosing the best vinyl fence contractor in all of Orange County.

Free Fence Quotes in Newport Beach

If we haven’t convinced you to call us yet and give us a try, we hope that this will. We offer free quotes on all our fencing services.  So, there really is no reason why you shouldn’t just give us a call. We are Irvine trusted, and Irvine proved, as a top quality fence company. Or fencing services cannot be beat, namely because of the big 3: high quality, unmatched customer service and affordable pricing.  Call the Orange County Fencing Pro today to get a free quote on a wood privacy fence, aluminum fence or vinyl fence. We are Newport Beach’s leading fencing company – so don’t look any further. Give us a call today!