Wrought Iron Fence Installation in Irvine, CA

Wrought Iron Fence Installation Services in Irvine, CAWe install wrought iron fences and gates for residential and commercial properties.

Railings and fence panels of the highest quality are available from us. Additionally, we provide fencing hardware, gate posts, hinges, puppy panels, finials, latches, toppers, tubing, and flat bars.

Wrought iron fencing, gates, and painting and repairing wrought iron are all available at excellent prices from us.

Flat top, press point, and extended picket fence panels are available in 46″, 58″, 70″, and 94″ tall.

Pickets are spaced either 4 ½” or 6″ apart in panels. A fence’s height, along with its landscaping, will determine the rails and posts. People living on hills had to have their wrought iron fences custom-built for years. We can now have rackable panels with top and bottom pins. You can customize your fence in almost any terrain by doing this. As well as providing beauty, it also keeps installation costs low.

For your iron fence, you can choose from hundreds of ornamental options. The iron fence we can design to enhance the charm of your property can be customized to your specifications.

Powder-coating or priming and painting iron fences are two options. Maintain-free ornamental fences can be created by using vinyl or aluminum to enhance the beauty and durability of your wrought iron fence. We can install wrought iron fences to surround your yard or your whole property at Orange County Fence Pros in Irvine, CA.

It is not possible to purchase welded fences. An additional bolting and riveting system is used. After pre-galvanizing, these connectors are powder coated. The life cycle of these systems is much longer than that of traditional iron fences.

​What is wrought iron?

In technical terms, wrought iron is an iron alloy with a very low carbon content (in contrast to cast iron, which has a lower carbon content and a more fragile composition; this makes iron an excellent medium for shaping). Wrought iron can no longer be mass produced owing to cost concerns and production advancements. Generally speaking, iron refers to any iron (most often mild steel) that has been hammered, twisted, or bent into shape-or appears to have been.

Nowadays, wrought iron is regarded as a valuable commodity. Welded ironwork is usually forged by hand, so small irregularities (and hammer marks) are apparent and appreciated as proof of the smith’s skill. Even though there may still be a few small ironsmiths creating solid wrought iron work, they are hard to find and expensive.

  • Long Lasting: Among the many advantages of iron is its durability. This material does not rot, warp, or dry out like wood does.
  • Strong: Fences made from iron are much stronger than those made from other materials. Due to its hardness, wrought iron fences provide better security than many other fences.
  • Good Visibility: Rails are spaced apart in designs with iron fencing, giving them a thin appearance that highlights the backdrop.
  • Elegant, Classic Style: Wrought iron is an elegant fence material that can be customized to be as simple or ornate as you like.
  • Pest Resistant: Rodents that burrow in wood and other damaging pests are not able to damage wrought iron.

​How much do wrought iron fences cost in Irvine?

Fencing made from high-quality wrought iron is among the most cost-effective. Over time, a long-lasting expense will become more cost-effective. Because wrought iron fencing has such a wide range of classifications, the price also varies widely. A typical iron fence costs $30 to $40 per foot (about twice as much as wood). Adding custom work can raise the figure tenfold (up to $300 per foot). Installation is also important. Wrought iron is heavy, and it should be carefully installed to ensure longevity. Labor-intensive processes are involved. In addition to your geographic location, soil conditions, and the degree of customization you need, the cost will also vary. If you are building a fence, be sure to mark the underground utility lines to avoid complications.

How do you care for a wrought iron fence?

As long as it is handled gently, this durable and heavy fencing material can withstand a lot of abuse for many years. Over time, rust will form on wrought iron, especially in moist or harsh environments. By removing rust with sandpaper and applying a protective coating, these rust spots can easily be dealt with and fixed. Inspections and maintenance should be performed annually. A full re-paint is likely to be necessary every 10 to 15 years. There is no reason to be concerned about rust. If the material were left unattended for many years, it would weaken structurally (and some might appreciate the rust patina).

Are wrought iron lookalikes worth considering?

Beware of imitations. The wrought iron fencing may not contain any iron at all, even if it is referred to as such. There are materials that resemble iron and are worth considering: for example, aluminum. Although ornamental aluminum costs less than wrought iron, it has the same aesthetic appearance as iron. With this material, it is lighter, easier to install, and weather-resistant. What are the shortcomings of substitutes? Welded iron is durable (can dent), strong, and has a beautiful patina.

Planning to install a Wrought Iron Fence at your Irvine home?

If you’re considering the installation of a new iron fence or are in need of repairs on an older iron fence, call Orange County Fence Pros at 949-523-1855 and we’ll connect you to one of our expert contractors. We continue to offer free quotes on all our fencing services. So no matter in your installing a new wrought iron fence or having an older wooden privacy fence repaired, we are the Pros to call in Irvine, CA.

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