Custom-Build Wood Privacy Fences in Irvine, CA

Custom Build Wood Privacy Fence in Irvine, CaliforniaA variety of wood privacy fences are available through Orange County Fencing Pro. There are six-foot-high and eight-foot-high pickets. In any case, we can build a fence of up to 10 feet wide if that is what you require. Four-foot fences would be made from eight-foot pickets shorten to four feet. Considering a 10 foot fence, the pickets would be 8 feet high and the retaining wall would be 2 feet high. You can construct a retaining wall with pressure-treated lumber, railroad ties, or concrete.

A basic fence from us is a 6 foot spruce picket fence with 3.5″ wide dogeared pickets, a 2×3 rail, and landscape timber posts. If you desire, we can add trim, metal posts, kickboards, and stain. In general, spruce or whitewood fences last about 10 years, but they can last much longer if they are stained and have metal posts.

We also supply pickets that are 5.5 inches tall and already stained. Prices are similar to those of the basic dogeared fence. For the money it looks a little better, too.

Pressure Treated Fences

In some cases, pressure-treated pine will be used next. A fence made from that material would warp extremely fast and be unlikely to last long. The previous ones we built were unsatisfactory.

Pickets of Chinese fir and Chinese cedar may be available on occasion. The pickets are in high demand. The western red cedar picket has a better reputation, but it’s more economical.

We use number 2 or better red cedar pickets for our basic western red cedar fence. Lumber rated 3 has too many knots, wane or holes that are of poor quality. The picket and the rail should be treated 2×4 or even 2×3. If you want this fence done, you can have metal posts, trim, and have it stained. The price of wood posts makes it incomprehensible to use them.

A 6″ or 8′ wrc picket fence can be either side-by-side or board-on-board style. Raw or preservative can be obtained. Ready Seal’s semitransparent medium brown prestain appeals to many. The wood grain can be seen very clearly, as the surface of the board has a very natural look. It’s not the only brand out there that looks good, but it’s the most popular for lumber yards to carry in the Irvine, California, area. A dog-ear fence can range from flat top to dog-ear, and have trim, double trim, rotboard, kickboard or corbels.

Retaining Walls for Your Wood Fence

You can use a retaining wall to keep dirt contained in your yard while also leveling the top of a fence where it slopes like a driveway. In addition to adding steps down, you can use your fence as a leveling device. It’s always possible to follow the slope of the ground if you don’t like this look.

The horizontal fence is not to be forgotten. It uses the same materials, but the pickets have been installed horizontally rather than vertically.

Feel free to reach out if you have an idea for a fence or if you are interested in having a basic fence or a custom fence built.

Free Estimates on Fence Services in Irvine

Orange County Fence Pros is happy to offer free estimates on all of our fence services. Whether you’re repairing or installing a wood privacy fence ¬†we are the experts to call in Irvine for affordable prices and quality craftsmanship.