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Every year, homeowners do lots of things to maintain and improve their homes. Your home’s curb appeal and property value are affected by many things, from the siding to the landscaping and fencing. With our affordable and high-quality fence repair solutions, Orange County Fencing Pros helps clients achieve their fencing visions. You can count on Orange County Fencing Pro when you need residential fence installation in Irvine, CA, or any other fence repair or fence replacement services. We would love to hear from you! Contact us today to learn more about our services!

From Traditional To Modern Fence Choices, We Have The Options You’re Looking For.

Residential fence installation comes in many different types based on your requirements. A wooden fence may be a good option for those seeking privacy who are on a budget. Specifically designed security fences, as well as wrought iron fences, provide additional security. With aluminum as the ultimate fencing security material, we offer some of the best protection in the fence industry. We have aluminum fencing options that are both attractive and functional! Affordable and durable, aluminum provides many benefits. A house’s fence has a lot to do with its value and appearance. Fence installation should be a reflection of your own personal style as well as a functional addition to your home. Orange County Fencing Pros can assist you when it comes to choosing the ideal fence for your home, whether your goal is to keep intruders out or keep your children and pets safe.

Our Residential Services in Irvine

Orange County Fencing Pros takes pride in providing the highest quality fences to each of our customers. The quality of a fence that outweighs the money spent on it can only be built by someone with skills and experience. Unlike our competitors, we provide exceptional customer service and build fences that will outperform and last longer than theirs. You can count on Orange County Fencing Pros when you need affordable, high-quality installations of residential fences in Irvine, CA. For more information about our services, contact us today. We offer all fence services you can imagine, from repairs to replacements. Our team of experts will provide you with the best end results and the most beautiful fence styles. Whenever you need us, we’re here for you!

  • Wood Fences: Wood fences are a traditional and affordable way to enclose your home’s yard.
  • Iron Fences: In use for centuries, wrought iron fences are elegant, as well as incredibly secure.
  • Aluminum Fences: Aluminum fences are lightweight, affordable, and perfect for creating yard and pool safety fences.
  • Chain Link Fences: For a permanent or temporary solution, you can count on an affordable chain link fence.
  • Pool Safety Fences: Pool safety fences keep your pool 80% safer than if you leave it un-fenced.
  • Security Fences: Security fences are a great way to protect your Irvine home from unwanted guests.
  • Fence Design: We offer a wide variety of custom designs that allow you to get your ideal fence solution.

Residential Redwood Fencing

The most commonly used product for residential fencing is wood. Wood is commonly used for several reasons – first, it is low cost and all natural. Wood fencing can be built with so many styles, looks and colors you can get the unique look you want for your Irvine, CA Home.  Wood fencing is primarily built using two types of wood – tho there are definitely other options.  Redwood Fence is our most commonly used product. Redwood comes with a natural red hue and a beautiful grain that is soft and has a very unique character. When you build a redwood fence, you add an automatic pest deterrent for your fence!  Redwood naturally repels bugs, termites and other pests that sometimes wear away you outdoor wood structure over time. Redwood fencing can be built in numerous different styles, heights and designs.

The Orange County Fencing Pro mills its own redwood on site at our location. There are many pros to this process. Milling our own wood insures that we are getting the highest quality of redwood for your fence. When we mill our redwood, we can make sure that the structural pieces, the pickets and decorative pieces are free from holes, defects and that they are straight and not warped. Locally milled, we can build superior redwood fencing for homes throughout Orange County.  Call us today and let us show you the difference in quality we can produce for residential redwood fencing.

Pressure Treated Pine Fencing

Pressure treated pine is almost always used for structural boards of any fence – wether redwood or if the whole fence is made of it. Pressure Treated Pine is also widely used for fencing because it also repels bugs and other pests. Pressure Treated Pine is saturated with a copper solution during the milling process. That copper solution is what repels pests – it also gives the wood a slight green hue. This green color typically disappears as the wood dries out in the sun. Pressure Treated Pine comes in many different cuts, but it is ideal for the structural pieces of our residential fencing. No matter whether you choose pressure treated pine wood or redwood, you are using high quality wood, direct from the great state of California to your Irvine home and you can trust it will last you many years.

Vinyl Fencing

The Orange County Fencing Pro is also committed to offering high quality vinyl fencing to the residents of Orange County. Vinyl fencing has grown in popularity over the years. Because of this, there are now numerous options for vinyl fencing styles, designs and colors. Previously, you could only find white vinyl fencing, but now there are options to upgrade the look of your home by using a mixture of grey colors, taupe and tan colors as well. One of the best features of vinyl fencing is that it will last years and years without breaking down or wearing out.  We have several different brands and styles to choose from, and each has at least a 10 year warranty.  This means you can be guaranteed to have 10 years of a beautiful looking fence around your home!  Check out our vinyl fencing page to see and read more about the different kinds of vinyl fencing available.

Aluminum Fencing

Aluminum fencing is a great way to get the look of rod iron fencing without the cost. You see rod iron fencing requires a welder and takes times to build out the entire frame. Aluminum fencing is one way to create that protective barrier for your home, or pool while keep the open feel of not having a fence. Aluminum fencing has an elegant and timeless look that comes in many styles and deigns that mimic those of rod iron fences without the extremely high cost. At the Orange County Fencing Pro, we want you to be completely satisfied with your homes fence. An aluminum fence goes great around pools to protect children from access the area and prevent accidental drownings. Aluminum fencing is also great if you border a green space, or in an area where you just don’t need privacy. Aluminum fencing is strong and durable lasting our customers many years.  While black is the most common color people choose, you can also choose white.  Open concept home designs are all the rage – well, why not create an open concept for your yard!  Keep your animals and children protected while making sure you don’t feel completely squared in in your Orange County home.  Check out our Aluminum fencing page to see and hear a little more about the difference and aluminum fence can make for you!

How We Can Help in Irvine, CA!

Call us today, we’d love to show you how any of the types of fencing we offer could be just right for your Irvine home. We offer free quotes on all our services and once we come measure your space and see first hand what your project entails we can give you down to the dollar estimates for redwood fencing, pressure treated pine fencing, vinyl fencing or aluminum fencing.

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